The research herbarium of the ETH was founded in 1859. In 1990/91 it was combined with the herbarium of the University of Zurich, to produce a single collection with 3.5 million specimens of phanerogams and cryptogams. This makes the ETH/UNI herbarium the second largest in Switzerland after Geneva (5 millions records), and one of the 30 most important of more than 2000 international herbaria! The quality and extent of its collection of fungi and mosses (possibly also lichens) is better than any other in Switzerland. The collections concentrate on Switzerland and Central Europe, but also include colllections from throughout the world of taxa of specific interest in the Institute's research. Thus the ETH/UNI herbarium is not only of local, but of European and world-wide importance to botany.
 Location: Zollikerstr. 107 (BOT)
 Curators: Prof. E. Horak
Dr. M. Baltisberger

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