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1 Editorial

Current Issue 2003. vol. 69

Editor-in-Chief P.J. Edwards, Zürich (CH)
Geobotanisches Institut ETH Zürich (CH)

Editor Sabine Güsewell
Geobotanisches Institut ETH
Zürichbergstrasse 38
CH-8044 Zürich

Editorial Board Matthias Baltisberger, Zürich (CH)
Brigitta Erschbamer, Innsbruck (A)
Lauchlan H. Fraser, Akron (USA)
Frank Klötzli, Zurich (CH)
Johannes Kollmann, Copenhagen (DK)
Peter Leins, Heidelberg (D)
Adrian Leuchtmann, Zürich (CH)
Diethart Matthies, Marburg (D)
Peter Poschlod, Marburg (D)
Jos T.A. Verhoeven, Utrecht (NL)
Kristjan Zobel, Tartu (EE)

Printer Sailer Druck, Winterthur (CH)

Rübel foundation, Zürich (CH)

Editorial policy The Bulletin of the Geobotanical Institute ETH published original articles on the ecology and systematics of plants and fungi, interactions between plants and animals or microorganisms, vegetation and landscape ecology, and issues of nature conservation.
The Bulletin of the Geobotanical Institute ETH was published for the last time in 2003 (vol. 69). The reasons for this decision are explained in the preface of vol. 69.
Ordering Most of the 69 volumes are still available and can be ordered from the institute (Regula Langenauer)

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